Meet Our Newest Blogger: Jill Cordes

Jill Cordes is successful in every way of the word. It’s a rare thing, but she has carved herself a place on top with other TV personalities.  She’s visited Zanzibar, Timbuktu and Casablanca all in the same year. She’s even climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, ridden a camel, and run the New York City, Boston and Chicago Marathons. Her bio says it the best, that she’s “no ordinary TV personality.”

In the midst of all her success, one thing was not on her mind: babies. In fact, this gal didn’t even like them! So much so, that at 30 she contemplated getting her tubes tied. Eventually for various reasons, her husband and she decided to get off birth control and “see what happens.” The last thing that 39-year-old expected was becoming pregnant.

After numerous therapy sessions discussing whether she’d love her newborn as much as her cat, Wayne, she welcomed her daughter Fia (Yep, she loves the little bundle more than the kitty!).

Read her blog, Of Fi I sing, as Jill unabashedly shares her experiences with mommyhood.

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