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Goody Blog Daily News RoundupPeanuts, milk, shellfish? 1 in 12 kids may have food allergies
As many as one in every 12 kids in the United States may have a food allergy, according to a new study that appears to confirm that the condition is more widespread — and perhaps more dangerous — than previously thought. (MSNBC)

Portable pools claim a child’s life every 5 days
A child dies every five days in portable pools during warm-weather months, according to a new study. The research published Monday in the journal Pediatrics shows 209 deaths and 35 near-drownings of children under 12 from 2001 through 2009. Most of the children, 94 percent, were under 5, and 81 percent of the incidents happened during summer months. (MSNBC)

Millions still die due to lack of midwives: U.N.
More investment in midwifery could save many of the millions of babies and hundreds of thousands of women who still die every year because of a lack of skilled healthcare during childbirth, the United Nations said on Monday. (Reuters)

Ranking America’s High Schools
Since 1998, The Post’s Jay Mathews has ranked Washington-area public high schools using the Challenge Index, his measure of how effectively a school prepares its students for college. In 2011, the Post expanded its research to high schools across the United States. Get Challenge Index scores for more than 1900 public high schools nationwide. (Washington Post)

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