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Goody Blog Daily News RoundupPush for A’s at Private Schools Is Keeping Costly Tutors Busy
Private SAT tutors have been de rigueur at elite New York private schools for a generation, but the proliferation of subject-matter tutors for students angling for A’s is a newer phenomenon that is beginning to incite a backlash. Interviews with parents, students, teachers, administrators, tutors and consultants suggest that more than half of the students at the city’s top-tier schools hire tutors, an open secret that the schools seem unable to stop.

CDC: Why Gay and Bisexual Teens Are More Likely to Risk Their Health
In the largest study of its kind, government health officials report that gay, lesbian and bisexual teenagers are significantly more likely to engage in risky, unhealthy behaviors — such as smoking, drinking, using drugs, having unprotected sex and contemplating suicide — than their straight peers.

Baby shot and killed in case of mistaken identity
Two teens are in police custody related to a weekend shooting that killed an infant and left his mother wounded.

Brain Calisthenics for Abstract Ideas
Traditional classroom learning is generally rules first, application later. However, researchers are finding that repeated exposure to patterns seems to deepen understanding.

Behold the power of challenging all high school students — not just the A team
Jay Matthews discusses his methods for ranking high schools across the nation

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