DIY Teething Necklace

I was so excited when my mom bought me a Chewbeads necklace…it’s a great-looking accessory made from baby-safe silicone beads. But after the first wearing, I quickly realized that I was covered in drool—not just the necklace but also my shirt. (And the silicone would get caught in my hair which was sort of painful.)  The concept is genius, and maybe my little Oliver is droolier than most, but it proved to be a total mess for me. So now the necklace sits in his toy bin, along with everything else he puts in his mouth.

josie teething


And then I came across this adorable DIY teething necklace by A Bit of Sunshine on Craftgawker. Maybe it would have the same effect, but perhaps the fabric cover over the beads will safeguard my hair and act as a sponge for all the saliva? Maybe? Possibly? Hopefully, because it’s too cute, and I need to make one.

Now I know what my next weekend project will be.

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  2. by alisha

    On May 27, 2011 at 12:11 am

    Great idea! And such a cute necklace even without the added functionality. :)