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Chemical Suspected in Cancer Is in Baby Products
More than 30 years after chemical flame retardants were removed from children’s pajamas because they were suspected of being carcinogens, new research into flame retardants shows that one of the chemicals is prevalent in baby’s products made with polyurethane foam, including nursing pillows, car seats and highchairs. (New York Times)

FDA panel backs infant doses for kids’ Tylenol
Federal health experts say dosing instructions for children younger than 2 years old should be added to Children’s Tylenol and similar products containing acetaminophen, the popular pain reliever and fever reducer. (Seattle Pi.com)

How Do Babies Learn to Talk?
One of the unique talents that mark us as humans is our ability to express our thoughts to others in a way that can be understood, even if the subject is complex and abstract. Thus it is not surprising that scholars have struggled for centuries to understand how an infant can learn language in an incredibly brief period. (ABC)

Bad Brownie: Children Become Sick After Eating Brownies Made With Melatonin
Two Massachusetts towns want to ban Lazy Cakes, brownies that contain melatonin, following reports that they made children sick. A 2-year-old boy from Arizona had to be hospitalized after he took a few bites of a relative’s Lazy Cakes, and fell into a deep sleep.  (ABC)

Naming Babies in a New York State of Mind
It was noted on Monday that Brooklyn was the nation’s 34th most popular name for baby girls in 2010, even though it failed to make the top 100 in New York. (New York Times)

Taiwan warning over selective abortions
The island’s health authorities recently warned that doctors found guilty of giving people gender-selective abortions would have their licences revoked. (HC2D.com)

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