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Goody Blog Daily News RoundupNeighborhood Crime Watch Goes Digital
Before you rent that next apartment, buy the house of your dreams or debate walking somewhere late at night, you may want to check out a new website called spotcrime.com. Spotcrime.com collects crime information and maps it. Type in your address and the software shows you what has happened in your neighborhood, or your block. Every crime is represented by an icon, everything from arson to robbery. Click on the icon and you’ll get an exact location, the source of the crime report and a Google image of the area. (MSNBC)

Chemicals found in flame retardant baby products can have lasting effects
Kids pick up more of the chemicals found in household dust, such as flame retardants, says Sonya Lunder of the advocacy Environmental Working Group. Companies use flame retardants to slow down fires in highly flammable materials, such as the polyurethane foam commonly used in baby mattresses and furniture, Lunder says. Her group’s research shows that levels of chemical flame retardants — also used in electronics and carpet backing — are three times higher in toddlers and preschoolers than in their mothers. (USA Today)

Study links baby-bottle use to obesity
Pediatricians and dentists encourage parents to stop giving their babies bottles by age 1 to prevent their children’s teeth from decaying. A new study shows another good reason to follow that advice: Kids who are drinking from a bottle when they are 2 years old are more likely to be obese by age 5 than those who aren’t. (USA Today)

Moms are business owners, too
May is the month of Mother’s Day, so it’s a good time to remember that many people who own small businesses — and not-so-small businesses — are mothers, too. USA Today author shares tips for moms who run small businesses. (USA Today)

Get Mom in gear with Mother’s Day tech gifts
Technology can make a perfect Mother’s Day gift, whether it’s filling a need or pampering her. Here are seven great ways to show how much you care. (Today.com)

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