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Goody Blog Daily News RoundupPampers Revamped After Blistered Baby Bottoms
Procter & Gamble is changing how it makes its Pampers Cruisers and removing the words “Dry Max” from the package, a year after a highly-touted diaper revamp led to consumer complaints of blistered baby bottoms. (MSNBC)

Do Video Games Make Kids Eat More?
An hour spent playing video games may make teenage boys eat more over the rest of the day, a small study suggests. (Yahoo)

Penalties for Drug Offenses Weigh Heavily on Students
As many high school seniors thrill over their college admission offers, Nick Hanna wonders about the effect of his mistakes in Fairfax County. Four Virginia colleges have turned him down, and two have placed him on wait lists. (Washington Post)

Two Students Plead Guilty in Bullying of Teenager
Two of the six students in South Hadley, Mass., who were charged with bullying a 15-year-old girl before her suicide last year pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment charges on Wednesday and received a year’s probation each, plus 100 hours of community service. (New York Times)

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