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From Mizz + Shizz = One Sweet Little Baby Shmizz: The Mama Bear has surfaced…

This blogger chronicles her first Mama Bear moment: defending your child at all costs. What was your first Mama Bear moment like?

“It’s amazing the instincts that well up inside you when you think your child is even in the slightest way threatened.  It totally sucker-punched me in the heart when his little face looked up at me with his little mouth in a pucker like ‘why Mommy, why did those mean kids take my toys?’”

From Love Stitched: Fears and Worries

Brittany wonders (like most of us): is there ever a perfect time to have a baby?

“There are a lot of things that go along with that, that mess with my head….For example, I tell myself we have to wait until we have : insurance, a house, a bigger car more money in savings…”

From This Side of Typical: A is for Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month. Read this insightful post.

“A is also for ADAPT–the thing you have to learn quickly, because Autism doesn’t let you make any long term plans. And you never know what it’s gonna bring each morning. So you assume a boxer’s stance, and get ready to rumble.”

From Family Life: Raising Girls for Courage and Confidence

Social expectations for girls can be overwhelming but knowing what it takes to raise a confident young woman is important.

“Trying to meet the “good girl” expectations prevents girls from being true to their own feelings.
Also, because good girls aren’t “allowed” to be angry, they learn to express their anger indirectly through gossip and relationship aggression i.e. using friendships as a weapon…”

From Retro Mama: Easter is in the air

Check out this twist to decorating Easter eggs.

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