Do you need a vacation? part 2 of 2

Continued from yesterday!

We often include stories in PARENTS about the importance of reconnecting with your partner: spending one-on-one time, going on date nights. But rarely do I follow our own advice. There just isn’t time. Or planning. Or money. Always an excuse. But at Tamaya, my husband and I were alone (read yesterday’s post here). And I realized how important it really is to reconnect and to talk about things other than our kids or selling the house (ok, so we did still do that some). Or to eat a good meal — a really good meal — (at The Corn Maiden) without having to get up every 30 seconds and refill a sippy or reattach a bib. Or to walk a nature trail and not have to chase after our danger-attracted toddler. Or to get massages and spa treatments (I highly recommend the mysteriously named Spirit Path treatment); to take a relaxation yoga class together; to play golf (the Twin Warriors course is on site); to make clay pots together with our bare hands (see pic to left) or lounge in a pool (or three!) without worrying my kid is going to drown. It felt good to reconnect, with ourselves and with each other.

Still, by the second day I missed my kids! Seeing all the other little ones at the resort having so much fun — zipping down the giant water slide (below), roasting marshmallows while listening to stories by a Native American storyteller, and going on pony rides — made my regret not bringing them. Those kids, part of the Srai-Wi program, got to make pottery, jewelry, and even the traditional flatbread. Plus there’s a day camp with all kinds of fun activities. Madelyn and Grant would love this!, I thought. We’d go on a hot air balloon ride! We’d go to the Stables and ride the horses and ponies! We’d jump on the bicycles, throw them in the bike seats and ride down to the river to look for road runners and eagles! They’d squeal with delight!

I called home to check on them. Grannie, who was watching them, wasn’t in the best mood. She’d just walked in on 2-year-old Grant (he was supposed to be napping) and found him head-to-toe in neon-orange nail polish. It was also all over our hardwood floor, the floor pillow and the throw rug. Bright orange goeyness. Madelyn was screaming, “Grant used all my nail polish!” She’d gotten it that day in a goody bag from a birthday party (for the record, she’s only 4, but that’s another post). Listening to all this, I glanced over at Paul reading a book on the patio with his feet up, the Sandia Mountains before him. And I was glad we were selfish this time. Next time we’ll bring them.

Psst! Tamaya has an offer running now: book 3 or more nights and get one free! They also have special packages for families.

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