Daily News Roundup

Simple Checklist May Spot Signs of Autism by Age 1
A simple checklist that parents fill out in the waiting room may help doctors someday screen for warning signs of autism as early as a baby’s first birthday. (MSNBC)

Circumcision Ban in San Francisco Considered
A group opposed to male circumcision said on Tuesday they have collected more than enough signatures to qualify a proposal to ban the practice in San Francisco as a ballot measure for November elections. (MSNBC)

No Long-Term Effects Seen From Anesthesia in Infancy
Exposing young children to a brief, single anesthetic does not seem to cause long-term harmful effects on the brain, a finding that should reassure parents, researchers say. (Yahoo)

The Case for Cursive
With computer keyboards and smartphones increasingly occupying young fingers, the gradual death of the fancier ABC’s is revealing some unforeseen challenges. (New York Times)

Foundations Join to Offer Online Courses for Schools
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest philanthropy, and the foundation associated with Pearson, the giant textbook and school technology company, announced a partnership on Wednesday to create online reading and math courses aligned with the new academic standards that some 40 states have adopted in recent months. (New York Times)

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