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Goody Blog Daily News Roundup3 Months In, 17% Approval for the Schools Chief
Concern about the appointment of Cathleen P. Black as the New York City schools chancellor does not appear to be easing as she approaches her 100th day in office, according to an NY1-Marist poll released on Monday. (New York Times)

As CT Scans of Kids Soar, Experts Urge Oversight
The substantial increase in computed tomography (CT) examinations of children in U.S. hospital emergency departments between 1995 and 2008 highlights the need for appropriate use and interpretation of these exams, say researchers. (Yahoo)

Requiring Algebra II in high school gains momentum nationwide
With its intricate mysteries of quadratics, logarithms and imaginary numbers, Algebra II often provokes a lament from high-schoolers. What exactly does this have to do with real life? The answer: maybe more than anyone could have guessed. Of all of the classes offered in high school, Algebra II is the leading predictor of college and work success, according to research that has launched a growing national movement to require it of graduates. (Washington Post)

Cases of ‘Flattened Head’ Babies on the Rise, Study Finds
Cases of “flattened head” in infants and young children appear to be on the rise, a new study of babies in Texas indicates. Incidences of plagiocephaly — flattening of the skull in either the front or rear of the head — have reportedly increased since the American Academy of Pediatrics first recommended in 1992 that infants be put to sleep on their back to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), said the researchers. (Yahoo)

New Way to Bulk Up Your Brain: Learn Like a Baby
The brains of adults can grow in a startlingly short time if made to learn tasks much as children do, according to a new study by researchers who are hoping the insight  will help treat brain disorders. (Yahoo)

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