10 Best Places to Live for Families with Autistic Kids

An online survey recently conducted by Autism Speaks, the largest autism advocacy organization in the U.S., cites the greater New York area, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Boston, northern New Jersey, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Seattle, and Milawaukee as the 10 best places to live for families dealing with autism

The national survey was completed by 848 out of 1,400 people across the 48 continental United States and the District of Columbia.  These places ranked higher because survey takers were happy with the local autism services and resources (even if they had to travel an hour), the educational programs, the access to good clinical and medical care, the availability of recreational activities,  and the supportive, family-friendly employer policies. 

The most  negative responses came from the states Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and California.  Plus, in considering the survey overall, 74% (638) of the survery takers were generally unsatisfied with the autism services and resources they were receiving while only 26% (220) were satisfied.  Read the full survey data on Autism Speaks.

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