1 in 4 U.S. Children Raised by a Single Parent

One in four children in America are raised by a single parent, a percentage higher than most other developed countries–and likely to rise in the coming years, a report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said today.

In the U.S., 25.8 percent of children are being raised by a single parent, while the average in other countries is 14.9 percent. The U.S. percentage is expected to go up by an additional 8 percent by 2030.

A variety of factors such as a cultural shift toward acceptance, a change in gender  roles, and also unfortunately, a lack of childcare at work and unpaid maternity leave have led to the large disparity between the U.S. and its counterparts, experts say.

Surprisingly the U.S. is the only OECD country that does not have a national paid parental leave policy. Most U.S. states offer 12 weeks unpaid time off. That, coupled with the U.S. and England’s large number of teenage pregnancies and other economic factors, lead to financial strain and ultimately a family breakdown, Willem Adema, a senior economist in the group’s social policy division, said.

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