White House Will Address Bullying on March 10

bullying-classSince bullying (and cyberbullying) is an ongoing, escalating issue, the White House will be holding a conference call on Thursday, March 10 to address ways to prevent it. 

Yesterday, the Office of the Press Secretary shared a statement that President Obama, the Department of Education, and the Department of Health and Human Services will be holding a Conference on Bullying Prevention.  The conference will be an open dialgoue for students, parents, teachers, communities, and others who have been affected by bullying or are working to stop it. 

More about bullying on Parents.com

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  1. by mari nosal

    On March 3, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    I have spent many years working in human services progams, mental health programs, preschool and infant toddler programs,worked one on one with autistic children,and most recently site coordinator of school age programs.

    A big deterrent in regards to children reporting bullying is a fear of reprisal. Allow me to mention several things that were successful within my school age classroom.

    We discussed bullying complete with role plays, and stories. We covered a shoebox with foil and decorated it as a group. A slot was created in the cover that would allow anonomous notes reporting bullying to be deposited by kids. The slot was to small to pull the notes out however.
    The box was placed in an obscure area within the classroom and reports of bullying surfaced. This allowed me to address the issue.
    We also started a kindness box designed in the same manner. Children were taught to not only focus on negative aspects of their friends, but positive as well.:-0) On friday during circle time we would publicly read the notes complete with applause. The notes were then handed to their worthy charges. The name of the child receiving the praise was on the note. The child who wrote it could not sign their name. The children LOVE it.
    To answer the question some may think – I would sometimes write notes in childish scrawl for certain children so ALL received a note that stated what they did right. Could have been tying a younger childs shoe, holding the door for a child on crutches, letting some one cut them at the bathroom who was about to have an accident, etc.

    What I am getting at – we need to model an develop programs to teach why bullying is wrong. Preaching and lecturing is generally a turnoff and tune out with kids. Make it fun and they will learn.

    Mari Nosal, M.Ed., CECE

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