We’re Getting This Potty Started

DSC08049So last week I explained that we were about to potty-train my 2 1/2-year-old daughter, Lila. Saturday was the big day, but because we had a full day of activities, including my niece’s 1st birthday party, we weren’t able to devote a ton of time to immersing ourselves into the process. (This is in direct contrast to three years ago, when we were potty-training my first daughter, Julia, and we blocked out several days at a time to do little other than direct and chronicle her every move.) But my goal was simply to get Lila used to sitting on the potty, and she happily obliged for close to 40 minutes—and I didn’t even need to open the big bag of M&Ms I bought for the occasion. Unlike our initial introduction to the process, when she disliked the plastic portable potty seat, this time she loved it. She must have been positioned in a funny way at one point, though, because she pushed herself farther back on the seat and said, “That’s much better.” There was nothing to show for the effort, so to speak, but it was a start.

Yesterday morning we tried again, and it was clear that Lila was getting the hang of it. She realized that all she had to do was sit on the potty and her parents and big sister would fetch whatever she desired. She sat surrounded by books, her Pillow Pet, favorite stuffed sheep, and various other objects. And about 35 minutes later, success! Interestingly, we were all way more excited than she was. And then it was off to the circus for the afternoon. When we got home, Lila headed straight back to the potty and began making her requests: in addition to the objects named above, she needed a boxed set of seven fairy books, paper and markers, and a stool to write on. Even though it didn’t lead to any actual “toileting,” as the pros call in, I feel encouraged that she’s so into the concept.

I just called my babysitter and a similar scene is playing out as I type. I’ll be back next week for a progress report!

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