More Potty (Training) Talk

DSC08050The update on potty-training my daughter Lila: We’re getting there, but I think this is going to be a slow road. She had some success on the potty (both real and portable), but she was sitting there for so long, it was almost inevitable. By Wednesday of last week she got tired of passing the hours this way. When I made my lunchtime check-in phone call, Lila answered the phone by proclaiming, “DON’T WANT TO SIT ANYMORE.” Another day she greeted me with, “I NOT SITTING ON THE POTTY!” We’ve been tracking how often she actually goes, and when you subtract the naptime and nighttime diapers, it’s not that often. So over the weekend I wanted to see if Lila could try sitting on the potty only when she needed to go. Two accidents later, I can tell you the answer: not yet.

I’m not discouraged, though. She’s actually doing pretty well considering how many (unmissable) events and activities we crammed into the past two weekends. This week’s challenge is helping her understand that she needs to go before it’s too late. Any advice? I’m all ears!

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