Daily News Roundup

Who’s to blame? Girls fighting girls a growing trend
[Video] (MSNBC)

Breast-feeding feeds babies’ big brains, study suggests
Why some animals, like humans, have bigger brains than others has long puzzled scientists. Now a new study adds weight to the idea that such brainy brawn in mammals is determined by the amount of maternal investment.  (MSNBC)

Health Tip: Help Prevent Toddler Falls
The curious nature of young children pushes them to explore, but they may be unsteady on their feet, increasing the likelihood of falls. (Yahoo News)

Airport Security Scans: What would your doctor do?
I was in the security line at an airport a few months ago when I watched a fellow passenger do something I’d never seen done before: He dissed the scan. (CNN)

US Finds Tiny Amount of Radiation in Milk
A trace amount of radioactive iodine, well below levels of public health concerns, has been detected in milk from the state of Washington as the U.S. monitors radiation levels amid the nuclear crisis in Japan, U.S. regulators said. (Fox News)

Automatic faucets germier than the old-fashioned kind, study shows
Sorry, germaphobes: Those hands-free, automatic faucets that seem so clean and germ-free might actually be housing more bacteria than the old-fashioned, manual kind, according to a new Johns Hopkins University study. (MSNBC)

Study says charter network has financial advantages over public schools
Most charter schools receive less government money for each student, on average, than traditional public schools. (New York Times)

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