Daily News Roundup

Stocks Poised to Open Higher After Steep Sell Off
Stocks appear poised to rebound, a day after suffering their worst losses in seven months. (Fox News)

Outpouring of Tears and Prayers for Japan’s Heroes: The Fukushima 50
There was an outpouring of concern and prayers today for the “Fukushmima 50,” the band of volunteer workers who have stayed behind at Japan’s crippled nuclear reactors to try prevent a catastrophe for the country. (ABC News)

Gene Therapy Trial Offers Parkinson’s Patients New Hope
Parkinson’s disease disrupts a complex brain circuit that controls movement, making voluntary actions nearly impossible to initiate and involuntary ones impossible to control.  But the promising results of a gene-therapy trial have offered new hope to people with Parkinson’s disease. (ABC News)

Obama, on St. Pat’s Day, Announces Trip to Ireland
President Barack Obama chose St. Patrick’s Day to announce that he’s adding Ireland to the itinerary for his trip to Europe in May. (New York Times)

Secrets to Long Life: Worry, Work Hard and Marry Well (If You’re a Man)
Worrying is good for your health. Optimism is overrated. Women thrive post-divorce (men don’t). These are just a few of the unexpected findings that psychologist Howard Friedman explores in The Longevity Project, a new book based on a groundbreaking eight-decade study on the secrets to long life. (HealthLand)

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