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Goody Blog Daily News RoundupAre you so awesome you’d friend yourself? Facebook found to be a great esteem builder
Need a pick-me-up? Try updating your Facebook profile. Spending just a few minutes on the social networking site can enhance your self-esteem, according to a new study from a journal called Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. (Yes, that’s a real academic journal.) According to a leading theory from social psychology (objective self-awareness), exposure to mirrors, photos and recordings of one’s voice encourages people to view themselves the way others see them. This, in turn, is thought to promote “pro-social behavior” and diminish one’s self-esteem. Using a statistical test, the researchers showed that the Facebook students had greater self-esteem than students in the other two groups. And it wasn’t just  a fluke, they wrote. The students who looked at their own profiles for the entire 3 minutes had higher self-esteem than students who spent some of that time clicking around on other people’s Facebook pages. In addition, students who made changes to their Facebook profiles also had higher self-esteem than students who didn’t. Both of those observations support the hyperpersonal model, the authors wrote. (Chicago Tribune)

Why we’ll try breast milk foods (Not for our health) Why we’ll try breast milk foods (Not for our health)
Last week, a London ice cream shop unveiled a “Baby Gaga” flavor made with human breast milk. So many people clamored for it that the shop ran out of the flavor on the day of its debut. And last year, a New York University graduate student started making human breast milk cheese, in varieties such as “City Funk” and “Wisconsin Bang.” What is it that attracts people to these strange comestibles? And why do others find them absolutely revolting?It’s easy to pinpoint what’s repelling about the products: We all have an innate disgust for bodily secretions hardwired into our brains, said Gavan Fitzsimons, a professor of marketing and psychology at Duke University in North Carolina. (MSNBC)

Bobbie’s buzz: Cool items for kids also help out parents: Video
Video (MSNBC)

A 3-Week World Tour for (but Not Only) Kids
For the next three weeks, you’ll be especially lucky if you’re a New Yorker between the ages of 6 and 16 — or if you’re a parent pressed into chaperone duty. Over that period the New York International Children’s Film Festival will present 12 feature films, 11 of them foreign, at theaters around Manhattan. That’s a high percentage even by festival standards. (And the word “International” in the title doesn’t mean that American films weren’t welcome; the organizers are happy to have Disney’s “Mars Needs Moms” for their opening gala on Friday night.) (New York Times)

Mom’s smoking ups risk of heart defects in baby
Mothers who smoke during the first trimester of pregnancy are more likely to give birth to babies with some of the most common types of birth defects, a new study finds. Specifically, women who smoked early in pregnancy were 30 percent more likely to give birth to babies with obstructions in the flow of blood from the heart to the lungs, and nearly 40 percent more likely to have babies with openings in the upper chambers of their hearts. (Chicago Tribune)

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