Daily News Roundup

Tough Love: Are We Coddling Our Kids?
Video (Fox News)

Fecal Matter Found on 72% of Grocery Carts
The next time you head to the grcoery store, you might want to arm yourself with some antibacterial wipes, and maybe some disposable gloves before you grab a shopping cart. (Fox News)

Puppy “put to sleep” survives; now sought-after
Oklahoma dog that was supposed to be euthanized not only survived – it’s now adoption target of hundreds of people. (CBS)

Baby jogger recall: Complete product info to keep baby safe
Attention, joggers: About 1,500 fabric “jump seats” used in conjunction with baby joggers are being recalled over concerns that they may not lock in place, putting youngsters at risk of falling out. (CBS)

Jobless Filings Fall to a 3-Year Low
The number of people requesting unemployment benefits last week plunged to a nearly three-year low, bolstering hopes that companies will expand hiring this year. (New York Times)

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