CPSC Launches New Product Safety Database

U.S. CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION LOGOFor any parent who’s experienced a faulty product and hasn’t been sure quite who to alert– the answer has arrived! Today marks the launch of SaferProducts.gov, a new  database that allows individuals to directly report any unsafe products to the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, reports the CPSC in this press release.

Despite a pushback from maufacturers, the new, easy-to-use site was recently mandated by Congress as part of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and gives public access to the kind of information that, in great part, was not readily available. Consumers are urged to report any incidents or potential risks they experience with a  product and can also search for complaints about everyday products they own or may be considering buying. The hope is to help consumers make well-informed choices in the most immediate manner to date.

“I believe that an informed consumer is an empowered consumer,” said CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum. “The ability for parents and consumers to search this database for incidents involving a product they already own or are thinking of purchasing will enable them to make independent decisions aimed at keeping their family safe.”

Although the database is now live and users are able to file reports and view product recalls, the ability to search for complaints from other consumers will not be available until early April. Reason for this being that manufacturers are given 10 days to respond to a complaint before the report is posted.

Will you use this new database to report unsafe products and/or search for reports from others? Let us know!

Be sure to keep up with the very latest on recalls with our helpful Recall Finder on Parents.com.

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  1. by Kathleen

    On March 11, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    While I think this website is a wonderful resource for the consumer, I am happy to see that manufacturers have a period of time that they can respond to any postings beforehand. Otherwise, something like this could become a “venting” site where people could post incorrect information. It will be interesting to view the site from time to time to see how it is working. Thanks for the info!

  2. by Marcene Baldridge

    On August 27, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    Real good info can be found on website.

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