Another Potty Post

Check out this proud little girl! This picture was taken this morning. Lila now asks to go straight to the bathroom as soon as she wakes up, and even though her diaper was soaked, she still managed to go.

Lila really impressed us this week. Especially yesterday, when we were at a birthday party at Pump It Up. I put her in a diaper and decided to not even mention potty training to her. But in the middle of the party chaos, she told me she needed to use the potty. I scooped her up and sprinted off to the ladies’ room, asking her to hold it. She calmly replied, “I am.” I did the whole routine you’re surely familiar with: put my hand inside the toilet paper holder and then spun it furiously to collect as much paper as I could, then gingerly covered every inch of the seat, yanked my child’s pants down, and ripped off her diaper (all while trying not to create too much air flow around us, thereby causing the toilet paper to gently float down into the toilet or onto the floor). I plopped her down and within seconds, she went. How cool is that? As we exited the bathroom she shouted to the people coming in, “I JUST WENT PEE ON THE POTTY!”

PS: I decided I’m going to spare you (and older Lila) the details on her exploits learning to go #2 on the toilet, but I’ll say that she’s starting to have success on that front, too, and leave it at that!

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