Want to Give Birth on 11-11-11? Here’s How

11-11-11There are a lot of good reasons to spend some quality time between the sheets over the next week –  Valentine’s Day,  a fun way to combat freezing winter temps, trying to conceive, or maybe because you want your baby-to-be to have one of the coolest birthdays ever.

According to Dr. Jamie Grifo, one of the nation’s leading fertility experts, if you’re hoping for an 11-11-11 birth date, the time to get busy is now! Believe it or not, Grifo has been fielding tons of phone calls of hopeful 11-11-11 parents.

Even if you do score that special birth date, you’ll likely never live up to the amazing numbers feat Michigan mom Barbie Soper accomplished. Her kids were born on 8-8-08, 9-9-09, and 10-10-10. No word yet on whether or not she’ll attempt to continue her streak on 11-11-11, but it sounds like she’s already a pretty busy mom!

Ultimately to give birth on November 11, 2011, February 18 is the magic date if you were to have the perfect pregnancy based on a regular 28-day cycle and 40 weeks of pregnancy. But since few pregnancies end on schedule, any day now could work.

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