Parents Blog Roundup

parent bloggers imageFrom Sh*t  My Kids Ruined: OMG

This popular blog featured a ruined makeup kit. I can feel the mother’s pain radiating through my computer screen.

From New Mummy’s Tips: Money Saving Mummy… (or how I bought wipes for the first year with vouchers alone…)

A newborn is expensive! These tips will help you save a bundle.

“In the process, I discovered that you always say yes to hand-me-downs. The person who offers you a bag of strange, grey-tinged babygros, is often the person who turns up on your doorstep with a designer dress, a cake, or indeed a couple of stair gates at just the right moment.”

From Passioneats: Grilled Vegetable& Mozzarella Panini’s

I bet your family won’t mind the absence of meat in this mouth-watering Panini.

From Single Dad Laughing: Noah’s Valentine’s Day Cards

I’m a little bit jealous my parents never superimposed my 3-year-old headshot on cupid’s body and gave it to my class. So keep this fun craft in mind the next time your kid needs to send out cards.

“On Friday, I dropped Noah off at pre-school armed with his first homemade Valentine’s Day lovebox, along with a plethora of awesomeness to hand out to the other kids in his class. It was to be his first real experience in the crazy world of love, and we made sure to do it in style.”

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