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From Food Wishes: Honey-Brined, Southern-Fried Chicken Breasts—Boneless, Skinless, Low-Fat, and Delicious?

Give in to a healthier version of this guilty pleasure. Instead of a hard to follow recipe, Food Wishes has uploaded a video.

From The Wednesday Chef: Jamie Oliver’s Pizza Dough

In addition to makeovers, I’m obsessed with pizza. My roommate can attest. This pizza recipe is great for busy parents to make when pressed for time..

“…and with just a few minutes of active work and ten minutes in the oven, you’ll find yourself the proud producer of an oven-full of fresh, crusty pizza that’s yeasty and salty and chewy and a total delight to eat.”

From Matt Bites: Green Chile Biscuits with Chorizo & Chipotle Gravy

Move over biscuits with butter. This recipe sounds absolutely mouth-watering and if the title doesn’t get you, the picture sure will.

From Not Without Salt: Maple Bacon Party Mix

Since when does bacon enter the usual mix of Chex, pretzels and peanuts? Not Without Salt guarantees it’ll be the hit of your next get together.

From Indian Simmer: Matar Paneer

Indian Simmer not only posts a delicious Indian recipe but also answers user questions. I love the personal touch.

“Squirrel Bread asked: Can I assume you started with whole milk? I have 2% right now — do you think that’d work?
Yes, for this particular recipe I started with whole milk but I have made paneer with 2% and even skimmed milk in the past. It works absolutely fine and paneer is soft.”

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    On September 18, 2011 at 11:49 pm

    Nice one. Havent seen this. Arent they remaking it?