Parents Blog Roundup

parent bloggers imageFrom Honest Fare: Hungry Baby (Homemade Baby Food)

Honest Fare decided to make her own, including peas with mint.

“We let Tessa taste the concoctions as we made them and were pretty entertained by all the perplexed faces she made at each new flavor. She was super into the adventure though, clinging to the spoon like her new favorite toy all the while.”

From Design Sponge: Sneak Peek: John & Vivian of Square Feet Studio

As mentioned before, I’m a sucker for makeovers. My favorite is the daughter’s room. I love the varying textures of pink.

From Made by Joel: Valentine’s Garland

For all of those who love decorating the house for Valentine’s Day, this garland craft is absolutely enticing.

From NUY I Beauty: The Beauty Masters: Soul Lee for Your Best DIY Brows

Great brows can really open up a face and make those oh-so-tired-fulltime mommies look refreshed. Watch this instructional video and start tweezing.

From Angry Chicken: Valentine’s Day Type Items

V-Day’s right around the corner, how about a sentimental homemade card quoting your special someone?

From Pregnant Fashionista: An Abundance of New Pregnant Fashionistas Announce Their Bumps

The blogger describes her love for the Red Valentino trench coat and her campaign to have Posh include some chic maternity wear into her collection.

“Wouldn’t it be great is Posh threw one or two to-die-for maternity dresses into her Fall 2011 Victoria Beckham collection for Fashion Week next month? They would be serious collector items. I already emailed her head design office in London to suggest it–you can join my very own maternity fashion lobbying campaign by emailing Posh yourself at”

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