Is Hot Sauce Mother Blameless?

hot-sauceThe latest update on hot sauce mama Jessica Beagley is her claim that Dr. Phil’s producers asked her to produce the video of hot sauce and cold showers.

In an AP article, Beagley’s attorney revealed that the mom originally filmed a video of her threatening  the children with cold showers, but no action was taken.  The producers wanted to see the actual discipline demonstrated on film, hence the more controversial video.   In defense, a spokesperson from Dr. Phil’s show said the producers asked that Beagley stop her discipline tactics after seeing the disturbing video. asks: “What’s worse — that they asked her, or that she agreed?  …Ultimately, the victim is Beagley’s son, who never had a choice about whether he’d be on TV in the first place.”

As a parent, would you have made the video knowing you might get a chance to appear on Dr. Phil’s show?

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  1. by Kathy Anderson

    On February 6, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    If ever I were to consider being on a talk show such as Dr. Phil it would never be for something involving anything hurtful or embarrassing to my child or grandchild! I admitt there have been events that have happened in our family which are worthy of appearing on that type of show, I cannot imagine any good coming of humiliating a child in such a way.