Get in the Game!

There are very few things I love more than the Pittsburgh Steelers. So it was no surprise when our news editor, Kourtney Eidam, traipsed over to my desk yesterday, waving a Steelers T-shirt, and said, “I want you to try this on!” Come to think of it though, she’s made me try on all sorts of product samplesfrom kids clothing to an Iron Man maskso maybe she just likes to make me take embarrassing photos.

All jokes aside, I’m glad she did. The shirt is from the NFL’s new women’s apparel shop, and it fits like a glove. Gone are the days of wearing offensive lineman-sized clothingor browsing the kids’ section, as I’ve done beforejust to get in the team spirit. And though I’ve been known to dress my large Hines Ward jersey up with a pair of heels and a cocktail ring, maybe it’s time to trade it for one that’s my own size. (Family and friends: Are you reading this? My birthday’s in March.)

So, Steelers and Packers ladies alike, go forth and shop. This year, you’ll draw more attention than the commercials. And while you’re here, tell us: What are you most looking forward to about the Super Bowl? Personally, I can’t wait to see everyone’s predictions be proven wrong.

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