Big Boots Lil’ Boots

Drake Dixon in Lil' Boots

A new cause has stomped its way to fame. Show your support for the troops by sporting a pair of work boots similar to those that the soldiers overseas wear. The Boot Campaign, which has its roots in Texas, sports the phrase, “When they come back, we give back.” The company is true to their words; 100% of the profits are donated to various charities that help soldiers dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder and other war-related injuries.

Most recently, the boot campaign has come out with Lil’ boots, a child-sized product perfect for the kid who wants to show his army parents some love. You can’t deny that these would be adorable on a toddler. (Plus, they’ll also probably last a lot longer then his ordinary sneakers!)

And for moms who want to support the cause, the Boot Campaign has a small t-shirt line and offers a few other products available for purchase.

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