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parent bloggers imageFrom Local Fun For Kids: 5 Symptoms of Man Flu that Every Woman Needs to Know

I had never heard the term “man flu” before. But now I know all about it. This is for all the wives out there that have dealt with their sick husbands (who were really not even that sick) and tended to them. Symptoms include:

“He’s usually watching the Speed Channel or ESPN, yet he’s been laying on the couch watching Lifetime or   Nickelodeon when neither you or the kids are in the room.”

From Les Culottes Courtes: The Retro Chic & Charm from BBK

Nothing brings on the aww’s quite like a cute baby that’s all dressed up. My friends know that every time I see a picture of Suri Holmes or Kingston Rossdale I, of course, say “aww.” Those tots wearing BBK are fashionable with a capital F.

From La Tartine Gourmande: A Kitchen was Born

I’m a sucker for makeovers and can watch a marathon of any show on HGTV. Look at this amazing kitchen makeover. I love the bursts of pattern and color amidst the clean white backdrop. Hey, maybe you’ll finally have the motivation to finish that bathroom project you’ve been meaning to do for months.

From Nut-Free Mom: Food Allergies and Family Fights: Part 1

This is a great blog for all parents who have a child allergic to nuts (or any food for that matter) and how to deal with it.

“For me, one of my biggest challenges–and it’s one many of you struggle with as well–is explaining cross contact issues. For example, we’re often told “this doesn’t have nuts in it, you can have it.” Well, no, because we don’t know the environment it was cooked in (or we do know and have deemed it unsafe due to allergenic foods also present there.”

From Café Fernando: The Best Chocolate Mousse of Your Life Under 5 Minutes

And since I have food on the brain, I thought I’d end with this mouthwatering recipe. I admit the title lured me in, but it was the easiness of the recipe kept me there. This is the perfect dessert to make with the help of your little ones.

“Two ingredients (seriously, only chocolate and water) and five minutes later, you will be eating The Best Chocolate Mousse of Your Life. I promise. And you don’t even need any fancy kitchen gadgets. Patience and a bit of elbow grease are required, but we always need those in the kitchen, right?”

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  1. by LocalFunforKids Mom

    On January 14, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    I am a chocoholic and I have to have this! I found your site thanks to Parents.com where we were both featured : )