How Are You Starting the New Year Fresh?

How did you ring in the New Year?

Our readers shared on Facebook (facebook/parentsmagazine) how they made the first day of 2011 memorable: celebrating children’s birthdays, running errands and cleaning house, sharing breakfast and break time with the family. Read on for more fun ways Parents readers set the tone for 2011:

Following my Curves Diet and taking it easy…I refuse to stress over the kids and husband, and I’m the one that gets to nap today! - Debbie Smith Casto

Waiting for my son to arrive. He’s due in only six days! – Ashley Pabloff

Making black eyed peas and collard greens! – Nia Buckley Ledesma

Eating cheesecake and coffee for breakfast. – Angela Osborne-Huret

Celebrating my daughter’s 12th birthday and making cupcakes together. – Devan Vaughn

It’s my daughters birthday! She is 6 today! Since we celebrate it on New Years Eve, today we just are gonna cuddle and spend time together as a family. – Sandra L

Donating my hair to Locks of Love and spending the day with my one-and-half-year-old and his godmother. – Natalie Rodriguez

Working on day three of potty training our 21-month-old daughter. She is doing great. – Melissa Koch Formby


How did you and your family spend the New Year? Going forward, what are you doing to start the New Year fresh?

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