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Teacher, My Dad Lost His Job. Do We Have to Move?

WORTHINGTON, Ohio — Diane and Eric Kehler tried not to talk about it in front of the children, but as Jen Hegerty, the guidance counselor at Wilson Hill Elementary School, says, “Children have eagle ears.”

Mr. Kehler lost his $90,000-a-year job as an information technology manager. And though he and his wife discussed their problems in whispers, eagle ears don’t miss much. Their son Mathias, 12, a quiet, cerebral sixth grader at Wilson Hill, got quieter. “Our house was sort of in a state of despair. We weren’t as happy as usual,” Mathias said. “I stopped having good ideas to talk about with my friends.” (New York Times)

Behavior: Another Good Reason to Sing a Lullaby
Researchers studied the sleep patterns of 308 children ages four through ten half of which were overweight or obese.  The study found that obesity and abnormal blood tests were four times as common in children who slept the least, and three times as common in those who used the weekend to catch up on lost sleep. (New York Times)

Tot is seizure-free after docs remove half her brain
A two year old from Washington State suffered from Aicardi Syndrome since birth, which caused her to seize as a baby multiple times a day.  She recently went through a surgery that removed half her brain, and she is now seizure free.  Her vision and speech is still affected by the disease, but her parents are hopeful that she will one day lead a normal life.  (MSNBC)

Shockingly, Toxic Waste Candy Bars Deemed Unsafe
The U.S. government says candy imported from Pakistan called Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge is not safe to eat, because of lead contamination. No one has been sickened, but the FDA said elevated lead content could be harmful to small children, infants and pregnant women. (CBS)

Rice Cereal Controversy: Does It Make Kids Fat?
Many parents introduce their children to solid food with a white rice option recommended by many pediatricians. The rice cereal is a glutton free and allergy free option that most babies find easy to digest. However, Dr. Alan Greene from Stanford University believes differently and attributes this first step as the main root to the childhood obesity epidemic.  (ABC)

Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Improves Diagnosis Of Medical Conditions in Children

Dr. Martin Stenzel, a pediatric radiologist at the University Hospital in Jena, Germany, reported that no adverse safety event was found when CEUS was used to image some 50 pediatric patients at his hospital.

Parental Warning: Smoking Habits Are Transmitted From Mother To Daughter and Father to Son

Results obtained from a study from Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC), in Spain revealed that in terms of smoking habits, after taking socio-economic variables into account, daughters tend to imitate their mothers, while sons imitate their fathers. (Medical News Today)

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