Daily News Roundup

Few Students Show Proficiency in Science, Tests Show
On the most recent nationwide science test, about a third of fourth graders and a fifth of high school seniors scored at or above the proficiency level, according to results released Tuesday. (New York Times)

Smoking, obesity trim life expectancy
Smoking, a declining habit, and obesity, a burgeoning problem, have cut three to four years off the increasing life expectancy of Americans, an international longevity comparison concludes. (USA Today)

Study links divorce and kids’ suicidal thoughts
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Will schools start grading your parenting?
You get a performance review of your skills and attitude at work. Now, what if your kid’s school sent home a report card grading your skills as a parent?
That’s the proposal a Florida State representative, Kelli Stargel, is hoping to convince her fellow lawmakers to adopt. According to The Ledger, the Parent Involvement and Accountability in Public Schools bill would see parents of kids from pre-K to Grade 3 assigned a “satisfactory, needs improvement, or unsatisfactory…” (The Globe and Mail.com)

F.D.A and Dairy Industry Spar Over Testing of Milk
Each year, federal inspectors find illegal levels of antibiotics in hundreds of older dairy cows bound for the slaughterhouse. Concerned that those antibiotics might also be contaminating the milk Americans drink, the Food and Drug Administration intended to begin tests this month on the milk from farms that had repeatedly sold cows tainted by drug residue. (New York Times)

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