Daily News Roundup

Personality Traits Can Predict From Childhood Predisposition to Alcohol Abuse
Researchers from the Personality and Psychopathology Group at the Universitat Jaume I have found a way to predict future inclinations of a child in their adult life.  This breakthrough will allow the development of more effective programs and prevention campaigns, as it takes into account the psychological characteristics of the most vulnerable people. (Medical News Today)

A Second Language Gives Toddlers an Edge
Bilingual children have been found to have an advantage in attention control when compared to unilingual children.  In a study, 63 toddlers were divided into groups of unilingual and bilingual infants. Bilingual children seemed to prevail on tasks where they were distracted.  This seems to be a result of their experience listening to and using their two languages. (Medical News Today)

Make anti-vaccine parents pay higher premiums

Physician Rahul K. Parikh and others believe that if a parent decides to not vaccinate their child they should have to pay more to health insurance.  He compares this to smokers’ higher premiums and explains how not vaccinating a child puts others at risk, so there should be some kind of deterrent in place.  (CNN)

Ease obstacles to breast-feeding, says surgeon general
A new health care law requires that many employers start offering “reasonable” break times to pump milk with a private place to do it, other than the public restrooms.   AOL Inc. created what it calls “mothers’ rooms” in its offices in 15 cities around the country. They are quiet nursing spots that come equipped with two different kinds of breast pumps and part of a broader program that also includes access to lactation consultants that serves about 100 families a year. (MSNBC)

Mom challenges family to unplug for six months

Susan Maushart, mother of three teenagers cut out all electronic devices for six months. In her newly released book, “The Winter of Our Disconnect”, Maushart wrote that her kids “awoke slowly from the state of cognitus interruptus that had characterized many of their waking hours to become more focused logical thinkers.” (MSNBC)

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