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Boys First!
Research from the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Ethiopia, appearing in the journal Pediatrics, found that Parents will chose to feed their sons better portions than their daughters in times of food shortages.  Female youths generally should be healthier than males, but under these circumstances girls became twice more likely to report illness.

Study Finds Nearly Half of School Social Workers Feel Unequipped to Handle Cyberbullying
In a survey of nearly 400 school social workers at the elementary, middle and high school levels, the researchers found that while all respondents felt that cyber bullying can cause psychological harm, including suicide, about 45 percent felt they were not equipped to handle cyber bullying, even though they recognized it as a problem. Further, only about 20 percent thought their school had an effective cyberbullying policy.

How to teach children to be optimists: listen, don’t label!
A Parent’s outlook on life has the potential to influence their child’s level of optimism.  In order to generate a positive approach to life parents must be aware of their influence.  Some steps recommended by Dr. Leslie Walker, Chief of Adolescent Medicine at Seattle Children’s Hospital, involve listening, avoiding labels, refrain from dismissive responses, and look for the bright side.

Poor Formula: Fussy Babies Get Solid Food Too Early
The Journal of Pediatrics reported on Monday that the early addition of solid foods and juice adds calories to a baby’s diet. Previous research has linked these excess calories to higher weight and body mass index , a measure of weight per height, in infancy and toddlerhood.

Woman Unaware of Pregnancy Delivers 7-Pound Baby
Jessica Genaw gave birth New Years Eve to a seven pound ten ounce baby boy. But, she did not know she was pregnant until she was an ambulance on her way to deliver.  Genaw had been taking birth control pills throughout her pregnancy and attributed her discomfort to bad stomach cramps.  Her and her boyfriend are keeping their son, and named him Blake after his father.

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