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Goody Blog Daily News RoundupNew look at study shows facts linking MMR vaccine to autism may be altered
Consider that from A British study linking autism to childhood vaccines is reportedly a fraud. According to the British Medical Journal, Dr. Andrew Wakefield altered information in the 1998 study. Unfortuantely, the scare is still very real to some families. More cases of measles and mumps have been reported in the last 10 years, than any other year since 1997. Dr. Katherine Burns is a developmental pediatrician for UAMS. She says after Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s false study in 1998 linking autism and vaccines — parents have been unnecessarily cautious before vaccinating their children. (Today’s THV)

Regrets of a stay-at-home mom
We had wonderful times together, my sons and I. The parks. The beaches. The swing set moments when I would realize, watching the boys swoop back and forth, that someday these afternoons would seem to have rushed past in nanoseconds, and I would pause, mid-push, to savor the experience while it lasted. Now I lie awake at 3 a.m., terrified that as a result I am permanently financially screwed. As of my divorce last year, I’m the single mother of two almost-men whose taste for playgrounds has been replaced by one for high-end consumer products and who will be, in a few more nanoseconds, ready for college. (Salon.com)

China: Pollution in China: Hundreds of children poisoned by lead
A factory in the eastern province of Anhui operated illegally for years a few feet away from homes. In 2010 they nine cases of lead pollution were officially recorded. The government is in trouble, as evidenced by the conviction of the activist who exposed the scandal of melamine-tainted milk. (Speroforum.com)

Local insurers stop covering children because of health care reform
According to Presbyterian Health Plan President Dr. Dennis Batey, the new health care reform laws are so complex, insurers have not had enough time to write plans that could be submitted to state regulators for approval. Dr. Batey adds, “With healthcare reform, the products that we’ve been offering in the past we could no longer offer.” (Examiner.com)

Meeting sperm donor dad won’t hurt children: studies
The 2010 drama “The Kids Are All Right” featured two teens raised by a lesbian couple who decide to contact their biological father — an experience that is unlikely to leave scars in real life, two studies said. The studies, published in Human Reproduction, also showed that the majority of donors who have contact with their offspring report positive experiences. (Yahoo News)

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