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Goody Blog Daily News RoundupChubby babies ‘obese’ as early as 9 months, study says
32 percent of 7,500 American babies can be called obese at 9 months. Experts say the best way to control a baby’s weight is to monitor portion size.  They say the difference is probably only a 150-calorie difference and the problem could be solved in as little as a few weeks.  (MSNBC)

More Tiny Babies Surviving, but with Health Risks
The chance of survival rate for babies born under 400 grams is on the rise. Their actual size is not the largest issue, but their stage in development. The survivors were unusually small for their gestational ages but more fully formed than an average 400-gram fetus.   Baby girls seem to have better odds of living through the ordeal than boys. (Fox News)

Study: Breast-Feeding Would Save Lives, Money
A recent cost analysis revealed that if 90 percent of women breast-fed their babies billions of dollars could be saved, along with 900 babies’ lives. Dangerous ailments such as stomach viruses, ear infections  , asthma  , juvenile diabetes  , Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and childhood leukemia , could be preventable by breast-feeding. (Fox News)

Blood Test to Spot Cancer Gets Big Boost from J&J
Johnson and Johnson is publically joining forces with Boston scientists who invented a blood test that can spot a single cancer cell among billons of healthy ones. Initially, doctors want to use the test to try to predict what treatments would be best for each patient’s tumor and find out quickly if they are working. (Yahoo News)

Smoking tied to miscarriage risk
Women who quit smoking before they become pregnant have a reduced risk of early miscarriage. The latest findings, reported in the journal Human Reproduction, found, women who smoked heavily during pregnancy — at least 20 cigarettes per day — were more than twice as likely as the non-smokers to have a miscarriage. (Yahoo News)

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