Watch 16 Short, G-Rated Films for the Holidays

Keep the whole family further entertained this holiday season with original short Christmas films (animated and live action) released by Shorts International.  Each of the films are G-Rated, average 10-15 minutes long, and are produced by a variety of filmmakers from America, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

“Once Upon a Christmas Village,” an animated cartoon about a village trying to preserve the magic of Christmas, is voiced by actors Tim Curry and Jim Belushi.  “Mr. Bojagi,” a live action film about a mysterious man with a mind-reading machine, stars legendary British actor Brian Blessed.  Other films include ”Santa’s Little Helper,” about a young woman who finds love with the help of Santa’s elf, and “Santa’s Camels,” about Santa asking camels to help deliver toys to children in the Middle East.

Watch a trailer featuring clips from various  movies below:



Click here to visit Apple’s iTunes store to download the short films.

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