Parent Blog Roundup for the Week of Dec. 6

From Parenting Apart : Helping Kids Handle Holiday Events

This is the most helpful post I’ve read about handling kids during the holiday season. No kid wants to endure endless kisses from Aunt Sally and we can’t blame him for that tantrum. Learn helpful tricks to keep kids calm in this post.

“… we often forget how difficult attending some of these events can be for our children. How many of us are guilty of trying to bribe our children for good behavior, repeatedly reminding them that Santa is watching only to eventually find ourselves stressed to the point of losing our cool or praying under our breath that little Johnny doesn’t have a major melt down at your company’s family Christmas party this year.”

From the Busy Dad Blog: Dexter Cooks. With Kikkoman

Cooking holiday meals can be a bore. Check out this ingenious video of a dad cooking a turkey ala Dexter on Showtime.

“Which naturally led me to think, “how would Dexter cook Thanksgiving dinner?” Ok, I’ll be honest, pretty much anything prompts me to think “what would Dexter do?” because I’m a little bit obsessed over that show. Case in point? I made a video that answers my first question…”

From A Mommy in the City: Her Very Own Tree

At Parents, we love reading about family traditions. This mom bought her toddler a mini-tree that they could decorate together. We love the finished product!

“I know she doesn’t fully grasp this concept, but I hope that when she gets older and looks back on this time of year she remembers our special moment together. That the huge smile she has when she sees it lit up will be ingrained in her heart forever. Because I know that is in mine.”

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