Parent Blog Roundup Week of Dec. 13

From Mindful Momma: Great Green Gifts: Wooden Toys for Kids

If there’s a way to make my carbon footprint any smaller, count me in. I’ll probably be buying the little ones in my life some of these great wooden toys.

“Little Alouette – Blogger Amy Sharp and her carpenter husband have made quite a business for themselves designing organic wooden toys for wee ones.  I heard her speak at the Creative Connection event this fall and her passion for business is very clear!  If my boys were younger I would buy them this wooden bowling set for sure.  And if you have an infant to buy for, check out the safe, natural wood teething toys in a variety of lovely shapes.”

From Stay at Home Dad in Lansing: What I’m Thankful For

I know that Thanksgiving already passed but this post melted my heart. Now if only my dad had written something similar…

“[What I’m Thankful For] This smile, this cuteness, those blue eyes…”

From Real Mom Kitchen: Eggnog Pancakes with Cranberry- Orange Syrup

Now that the headline has already made your mouth water, check out the recipe. I  guarantee your kids will be asking for these every weekend.

“The pancakes were perfect.  They had a slight hint of that yummy eggnog flavor.  Then I decided to pair them with cranberry-orange syrup. “

From Family Bites: Bite-Size Gingerbread Houses

Making a gingerbread house with the family can be a wonderful holiday tradition, but it’s also usually a messy one and once the kids start eating it, it quickly crumbles. These bite-size houses are absolutely adorable and you won’t feel bad eating them either.

“Each year we make the traditional sugary dwellings, and each year, about five days after Christmas, we toss it in the compost bin with nary a piece missing.  I don’t like the waste, so this year we opted for something a little different; mini houses constructed from cake.”

From Backpacking Dad: Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas Without Visiting Mall Santa: Continuing the Big Lie

What’s the right age to tell young ones that Santa doesn’t exist? This dad dishes about spilling the beans only to have his wife cover it up. But the best part of the blog is the photo. Wish he would’ve entered our Spooked by Santa Contest!

“Emily is also a fan of the big lie. So after Tired Shawn let the cat out of the bag that this mall Santa (and by extension to a three -year- old, all mall Santas, and perhaps every Santa!) was  a faker, Emily tempered the charge. ‘Santa has a lot of stuff to do, Erin. So he has lots of helpers. We’re going to go see one of the helpers.’”

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