Natalia Rose Introduces Life Force Families

Natalia Rose, clinical nutritionist and author of the leading detoxification-based diet books, The Raw Food Detox Diet, Detox 4 Women, and Raw Food Life Force Energy, has recently launched Life Force Families.

Life Force Families is a community-driven online portal based in The Rose Program’s central philosophy of cellular cleansing and detoxification. It speaks to the mother in search of a natural, holistic route to pregnancy and child-rearing.

Inspired by her own two children, Rose created the forum as a much-needed space for parents to learn, discuss and share natural and holistic methods that serve the exceptional health of mother, child and family from pre-birth to teen years, all without losing sight of what is practical and doable within certain contexts.

Areas covered include pre-conception preparation, increasing fertility, birthing options, nursing and diet for breast-feeding mothers, optimal baby care and toddler nutrition, the school years, and tween/teen health.

The site complements the information by hosting national webinars featuring pediatricians, midwives, authors and other childhood experts with a holistic approach to family planning and growth.

Signing up is free.

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