Mom Blog Roundup for the Week of Nov. 30

From Love That Max: Best toys for kids with special needs: Holiday gift edition
This mom knows her toys! I highly recommend this blog post as a must-read for parents shopping for kids with special needs.

“I’m not including recommended ages because what works for your child’s developmental stage works. I’m not including a lot of stuff from companies that make toys for kids  with special needs because I think they can be rip-offs, and  standard-issue toys can be similarly helpful.”

From One Hungry Mama: Hanukkah Latkes with Jennifer of Perfectly Disheveled
One Hungry Mama reflects on the tradition of family recipes.

“Everyone—even people who don’t normally like to cook—hits the kitchen in some way or another. It’s a beautiful thing. (It is. Even if you get stuck eating  your aunt’s horrible fruit cake.) A thing that I want to celebrate this holiday season.”

From The Sphors Are Multiplying: Gleeful
I  was going to make this roundup all about the holidays until I saw this  post and couldn’t resist the urge to share it with you. Check out the adorable Annabel mesmerized by and  boogying down to Glee. Great pick, Annabel – it’s my favorite show too!

“Watching her watch Glee is my favorite thing. What’s funnier than a baby  squealing and dancing? Especially when the Puck character comes on the  screen. Annie is a sucker for a bad boy.”

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