Hanukkah Gift Guide from GrowsUp.com

Wooden Torah toy setStill looking for unique Hanukkah gifts? We love the Hanukkah gift guide that GrowsUp.com has pulled together. Founded by a coterie of women and moms, GrowsUp.com is a new online marketplace that sells unique and affordable handcrafted, high quality children’s toys, clothes, and products from boutique artisans (some who are parents themselves). 

Each product is carefully selected to be fun, educational, family-oriented, and environmentally friendly–think the indie appeal of Etsy.com crossed with the mass-market appeal of Amazon.com.  Plus, GrowsUp.com allows you to create customized gift wish lists for your children according to age and gender, so as your children grow up, the lists automatically change to reflect their age. 

For the remaining days of Hanukkah, you can invest in brown suede ankle booties to keep your tots warm, a wooden holiday puzzle set to challenge minds, and a colorful Torah set or a Shabbat set to teach Jewish values.

Even as you peruse the GrowsUp.com Hanukkah gift guide, don’t forget to help your kids celebrate the important meaning behind Hanukkah.

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