Angie Harmon Teams with Children’s Advil for Video Contest

 Angie Harmon, actress and mother of three, explained with a quiet scratchy voice, the troubles of keeping her three girls–ages 7, 5, and 2–healthy. “You’re trying to keep the sick kid on one side of the house and it never works—like in my family right now.” Harmon was referring to the cold that she and her two-year-old shared. One product that came to the Harmon family’s rescue during this time: Children’s Advil, which Angie learned the wonders of (it’s not just a fever reducer, it’s also a pain reliever) after teaming up with the product for the “Relive My Fever” contest.

This contest asks parents and kids to record a video singing “Relieve My Fever,” the Children’s Advil rendition of the song “Fever”  and upload it to The winning video will award the family with a $15,000 scholarship. On top of that, each entry donates $5 and each vote donates $1 to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. 

Harmon thinks this contest is also a fun way to cure sickness boredom. “It’s a no brainer fun time with families because you get to shoot a video and sing.”

 While Harmon and kids are sick, she likes to declare a movie day. “When they get sick it’s a fun time to curl up with mommy. I keep them as comfortable and still as possible.” Her daughters also love doing puzzles and reading books.

 Family is a big priority for this busy mom, who currently stars as Detective Jane Rizzoli in the TNT series Rizzoli & Isles. “Would I love to be in Poland shooting a movie with Russel Crowe? Absolutey. But that’s not conducive to family. They need their mommy.” Harmon and her husband, Jason Sehorn, worked out their schedules so one parent is always home with their kids, a plan that comes is especially handy when a child gets sick.

One issue that Harmon and her husband haven’t worked out: which kind of music to play in the car. When asked what song would Harmon and her daughters sing in a video contest other than “Relieve my Fever” she answered, “It would be a battle. They would want to sing something by Ke$ha.  I’m a country fan and they’re all about the club song. Daddy takes them to school and that’s what he plays on the radio. It’s what I have a heart attack over!”

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