Poll: Should Toys Be Banned from Happy Meals?

San Francisco became the first city in America to approve the banning  of toys from kids’ meals at fast food chains. While the proposed law won’t be in effect until 2011 and could still be vetoed by the mayor, some parents and nutritionists see this as an important step to curbing obesity in children.  Some, however, see it as an unnecessary way for government to intervene in personal, parental choices.

Even though kids’ meals (or “happy meals”) have started including healthier options such as fruit, juice, yogurt, and milk, most meal options are still unhealthy. The proposed ban wants to remove all toys from kids’ meal options with over 600 calories so kids are less likely to be drawn to the food because of the slick toys.  Given the recent discovery that food from a McDonalds Happy Meal doesn’t change even after six months, the proposed ban may not be such a bad idea after all.  As a parent, what is your opinion?

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