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In the last few months, parents and researchers have been at war. Evidence has piled up to show that becoming a parent does not make people happier; it makes them unhappier. [Slate]

Early Puberty: How It Could Affect a Child’s Health
Puberty can be an awkward time in any child’s life, but early puberty is even more challenging. Imagine going through those changes before anyone else understands them. [WLTX]

fMRI Predicts Outcome To Talk Therapy In Children With An Anxiety Disorder
A brain scan with functional MRI (fMRI) is enough to predict which patients with pediatric anxiety disorder will respond to “talk therapy,” and so may not need to use psychiatric medication, say neuroscientists from Georgetown University Medical Center. [Medical News Today]

Even Short-Term Poverty Can Hurt Kids’ Health
Being poor for even a short period of time can have lasting health implications for children, according to a new report by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 15.5 million children are living in poverty in the United States, that’s one in five children according to the Census Bureau. [CNN Health]

Future Of Reproductive-Rights Policy Still Depends On Obama, Opinion Piece States
Antiabortion-rights Republicans made large gains in the midterm elections, but “the buck still stops with the president,” the American Prospect’s Pema Levy writes in an opinion piece. She continues, “The real threat, though, especially in the long term, is that the Obama administration might not stand firm in its commitment to women’s reproductive rights.” [Medical News Today]

Nut Allergic Patients Struggle To Recognize Nut Types
Peanuts and tree nuts are common food allergens among children and adults and are the leading cause of death from food-induced anaphylaxis. Since the primary treatment is to avoid nuts, children and parents must be able to identify peanuts and tree nuts in their common forms, say the study’s authors. [Medical News Today]

Children’s Hospital Was Filthy and Bloodstained
A CHILDREN’S hospital in Scotland has been criticised after inspectors found blood on equipment, overflowing bins, and dirt and dust on wards. The Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI) said improvements to standards of cleaning were needed after an unannounced visit to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Yorkhill in Glasgow. [Scotsman News]

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