Blossom’s a Mom: Mayim Bialik Acts, Blogs, Pumps

MayimBialikThough we may picture child stars in our minds as forever children, stuck at whatever age we watched them in our living rooms on TV, it goes without saying that they move on, even if we don’t. Today we’re using that most obvious of observations to talk about Mayim Bialik, a.ka. Blossom from the NBC sitcom of that name.

Blossom, I mean Mayim, went on from her early ’90s sitcom fame to earn a doctorate in neuroscience. Let’s pause a moment to reflect on that: childhood sitcom star earns a PhD. In neuroscience. Really.

Now Mayim is back to acting, which she decided would actually give her an easier time as a mom than the life of a professional scientist wedded, as it were, to her research. She’s now appearing as a regular on the popular and hilarious sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.” I’m sure she’s the only one on set who actually gets the geeky science jokes she and the other actors spew.

But we’re really talking about Mayim today because she’s also a mom, of two young boys, and is blogging about the experience for, a new Jewish parenting website that launched a couple of weeks ago. (Full disclosure: Kveller is run by a website for which I worked in the past as editor-in-chief, and I am on its advisory committee.)Mayim’s only got two posts up so far, but what’s clear from them is the extent to which she’s structured her life around being a mom. She may star in the most popular sitcom on TV today, but her boys are never far from her mind, or her schedule. She’s juggling career and family, and never feels like she’s measuring up at either. Sound familiar? I thought so.

Given her success–a blossoming (sorry, pun unintended) career, beautiful kids, great husband–Mayim writes, “So I must ‘have it all’–right? Wrong.” She continues:

I have found that the myth of “having it all” is just that: a myth. Indeed, I do a lot of things. But as a mom, my first focus is truly on my kids, even when I am filming or teaching or trying to use the gift certificate for the spa that my husband bought me 9 months ago to help me relax and de-stress (did I mention there need to be six more hours to every day?). Part of my brain is forever my sons’; part of my heart is theirs, too. I have found that “doing it all” better describes my life more than “having it all.”

 In her second post, she writes about pumping on the set of “Big Bang” and how difficult taping days are on her as a mom:

Don’t get me wrong: my husband is incredible. He is loving, competent, fair, gentle, super skilled at handling both boys  and truly in control of everything. But when I am filming, I still find it hard to shake the identity I have on the days when I have only my kids to think about. I miss them. I miss them all day, every time I am away from them; even when I am enjoying myself. I miss my boys.

 In her posts, Mayim comes across as the smarty pants she is, articulate, intelligent, and self-aware–and real, someone who is struggling with the same work-life-family issues the rest of us non-stars are.  

Oh, and she says she’s writing a book “about holistic and attachment parenting.” She’s not kidding when she says she is “doing it all.”

Photo courtesy Mayim Bialik.

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