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So Cozy Protective Conditioning Mist with SunscreenA burnt scalp is uncomfortable, unattractive (nothing like accenting your beach getup with a little dandruff!) not to mention unhealthy, but slathering hair with sunscreen isn’t exactly an appealing option. Which is why I make sure to tote not only sunblock, but also an SPF spray for hair to the beach. Now So Cozy, a New York-based children’s hair salon, has one on the market for kids (thought you’ll want to get your hands on it too.) While kids should always wear sun hats when playing outdoors in the summer, the Protective Conditioning Mist is a great back-up for when hats are tossed off by a wave or a younger brother. It contains sunscreen to protect small scalps, and its breezy coconut scent will add a little bit of tropical-living to trips to the local pool. Plus, the spray’s conditioners leave hair moisturized and frizz-free, which makes tackling post-swim tangles less painful.

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