TLC for Your Coffee

Let’s be honest—sometimes it’s hard to get things started in the morning without a really good cup of coffee. In fact, more than 125 million people in the U.S. drink a total of 416 million cups of coffee every single day (I may contribute a cup or four to that statistic, myself).

Surprisingly, 77% of American coffee drinkers actually consume their coffee at home. That’s a whole lotta home brewing going on! And that’s great—brewing at home allows you to save some cash, and you can control what goes in. But be honest—when is the last time you really gave your coffee or espresso pot a good clean?

Lucky for all home-brewing fans, Urnex, a company that has been manufacturing industrial cleaning products for coffee and espresso equipment since 1936, is now offering a home line of 4 new products for your regular coffee pot, your Espresso machine and your grinder.Check out their handy how-to directions on the site for easy use as well.

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    On December 25, 2011 at 9:07 pm

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