Quiet, Please!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of getting my hair done by the talented Adrian De Berardinis, owner of the De Berardinis Salon in New York City. To style my hair, he used what can be considered the hybrid car of  blow dryers: the Cricket Q-Zone Dryer doesn’t have that loud, dull roar you’ve come to expect. It’s a little hard to explain just how quiet it is, but De Berardinis says he’s had clients fall asleep in his chair while using it. No joke! The Q-Zone features a patented energy- efficient technology that allows it to operate on just 1500 watts when it really delivers power equal to 1875 watts. It’s lightweight and erognomically designed for comfort, and contains tourmaline to cut down on drying time and add shine to strands.  At $200, it’s definitely an investment, but for all the reasons above and because it may keep the kids asleep a little longer in the morning, it may be worth it!

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